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Destinations > UK > Heart of England > Shrewsbury guide

Shrewsbury was once home to its famous son Charles Darwin. Born in 1809 Charles Darwin the author of the 'Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection' is said to have been inspired by Shrewsbury and the Shropshire landscape. Today Shrewsbury is still famous and one of the country's most beautiful and pictures market towns. Nested in the rolling hills of the Shropshire plains the surrounding countryside is simply stunning. The quiet towns and villages housed in Shropshire are well worth visiting for a country drive, walk, cycle or picnic.

The River Seven meanders around the town in a horseshoe loop and is one of the reasons Shrewsbury's red sandstone castle guards its particular places, as this was the only land approach to the town. The town itself is full of intrigue, there are plenty of places to explore through the narrow cobbled streets. Surrounded by the black and white buildings there is a distinct air of Tudor England. This ancient taste travels further back in time and is evident in the ancient place names you come across. Nearly all of them can be traced back to the beginning of the town in the 8th century.

No Medieval town would be complete without a castle and Shrewsbury does not disappoint. The castle great hall is now home to the Shropshire Regimental museum, here you can discover two centuries of treasure from military campaigns of the area. In the grounds you can explore the motte of the first Norman Castle.

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The Gateway Education & Arts Center & Gateway Galleries
Location: Chester Street
Telephone: 01743 355 159

The Music Hall
Location: The Square
Telephone: 01743 244 255

Cineworld Multiplex Cinema
Location: Old Potts Way
Telephone: 01743 340 726



Shrewsbury Castle & Shropshire Regimental Museum
Location: Castle Gates
Telephone: 01743 358 516

A fascinating 17th century house that has seen a colorful family history, set in wonderful surroundings, with woodland and Estate walks.
Location: 4 miles South East of Bridgnorth on A442
Telephone: 01746 780 866

Attingham Park
Explore this neo-classical house set in stunning landscape.
Location: 4 miles South East of Shrewsbury on the B4380 at Atcham
Telephone: 01743 708 162

Shrewsbury Abbey
This ancient Abbey is well worth a visit, it was founded by the Saxons, rebuilt by the Norman's and modified by the Tudors.
Location: Abbey Foregate
Telephone: 01743 232 723

A museum of myth and fable great for all the family.
Location: 19 Hill Lane
Telephone: 01743 357 140

St Chad's Church
A stunning Georgian church.
Location: St Chad's Terrace
Telephone: 01743 365 478

Rowley's House museum
Location: Baker Street

Coleham Pumping Station
Location: Longden Coleham

Shropshire Wildlife Trust
Location: 167 Frankwell
Telephone: 01743 241 691



Location: 22 Abbey Foregate
Telephone: 01743 353 357

The Buttermarket
Location: Howard Street
Telephone: 01743 241 455

Park Lane & Liberty's
Location: Raven Meadows, Riverside
Telephone: 01743 358 786

The Academy
Location: Claremont Bank
Telephone: 01743 264 041



15000 years ago the area of Shropshire was covered in a great sheet of ice, when the climate warmed around this time a huge river flowed from the Welsh hill to the Bristol Channel. The River Seven cut her way through the landscape and around 6000 years ago a loop of river was cut off. Since then this area that was cut off has always been a wetland and the old bed of the River Seven. Today if you walk up Ellesmere Road the full width of the river in her immediate post-glacial era, 10000 years ago, can be seen.

It is believed that man first came to the area 7000 years ago, making it home for many of the people of prehistoric times, from the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Anglo Saxon. However it was in 1066 when the Norman's took over the country that Shrewsbury began to grow and is now one of the largest towns in England.

Shrewsbury has also seen 900 years of a thriving milling industry, and thrived through the industrial revolution.

Shrewsbury is simply alive with history and culture and is evident every turn you take in the town and surrounding area.



Shrewsbury offer great sporting opportunities whether you wish to stroll through the countryside, cycle, quad bike or enjoy the out door watersports, plus much more.Quarry Swimming and Fitness Center
Location: Priory Road
Telephone: 01743 236 583Drummond Outdoor
Canoe and Kayak day tours, plus courses and adventure activities.
Telephone: 01743 365 022Terry's Cycle Hire
Location: 6 Castle Hill, All Stretton, Church Stretton
Telephone: 01694 723 302Cycle Hire
Location: Dave Mellor Cycles, 9A New Street
Telephone: 01743 366 662Border Quad Trekking
A great way to see the countryside for all the family.
Location: Bulthy Hill Farm, Middletown, near Welshpool, Powys
Telephone: 01743 884 843Meole Brace Golf Course
Location: Off the B4380 by Meole Roundabout
Telephone: 01743 365 050Arscott Golf Club
Location: Pontesbury
Telephone: 01743 860 114Boat Trips and Rowing Boat Hire
Location: Porthill Bridge, The Quarry
Telephone: 01743 365 849



Shrewsbury has many pubs to choice from. There are choices of different venues ranging from quiet inns, traditional ale pubs, lively, and modern bars. If you travel out into the surrounding area there are lots of traditional village country pubs. Many of the pubs and bars serve good food at competitive prices




There are many more places to eat in Shrewsbury than are mentioned below, there are a great variety of venues, me


Location: 23 Abbey Foregate
Telephone: 01743 366 658


La Trattoria
Renowned for it's authentic Italian cuisine.
Location: 7 Fish Street
Telephone: 01743 249 490

Osteria da Paolo
A good selection of Pasta, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine.
Location: Hills Lane
Telephone: 01743 243 336

Traitors Gate Brasserie
Mediterranean style cuisine.
Location: Castle Street, St Mary's Water Lane
Telephone: 01743 249 152

The Peach Tree
A good selection of British and modern European food.
Location: 21 Abbey Foregate
Telephone: 01743 355 055


Dara Floating Thai Restaurant
Location: Welsh Bridge, Frankwell
Telephone: 01743 243 123

Royal Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant
Location: Butchers Row
Telephone: 01743 353 117


The Goodlife Wholefood Restaurant
Location: Barracks Passage
Telephone: 01743 350 455



Shrewsbury has it all when it comes to shopping, there is everything from bizarre unusual shops, high street names, house hold names, boutiques, specialist shops, designer clothes outlets, and craft shops. Many of the shops are housed in old timber building making shopping here very aesthetically pleasing. Plus there are the "Shuts" to explore, these are the narrow passages between streets. Many of the shops are tucked away down lanes, making it great to explore and discover Shrewsbury at the same time as you shop.

Shrewsbury also offers the comfort and convenience of indoor shopping, with modern malls like the Pride Hill and the Darwin shopping centers.




Shrewsbury's nearest Airports are Birmingham or Manchester, were trains or buses can be taken to Shrewsbury.


There is little problem accessing Shrewsbury by car, the A5, M6, A49 and M56 all give good access to Shrewsbury. Once in Shrewsbury there are many car parks all over the town. There are nearly 3000 off-street parking spaces so there is little stress of finding places to park. Shrewsbury also offers a fast and Frequent Park and Ride into the heart of the town. This is the best way to arrive at the town center if you have journeyed to it by car. This facilities allows you to park your car for free, then take the short journey right into the heart of the city at a small cost. This is a hassle free way to travel to the center, without the stress of finding places to park. For extra convenience there are three separate park and ride facilities in three alternative directions just outside the city, Harlescott serving the north and east, Meole Brace serving the south, and Oxon for visitors from the west of town. When you drive to Shrewsbury there are sign post for the park and ride just follow one of these, park and catch one of the frequent buses into the town center, were it stops at various places for your convenience, also picks you up.


Shrewsbury Bus Station is situated on Raven Meadows in the center of the town. A good local bus service run from these around the town and surrounding area and to local attractions. Alternately if you are wishing to travel to Shrewsbury by coach, National Express Coach services have a wide U.K. service with many pick up points and destinations, with 3 direct National Express Services daily from London Victoria.
Telephone: National Express - 0990 80 80 80


Shrewsbury Train Station is situated on Castle Gate right in the town center near the Castle. There are main line services to Shrewsbury from all over the U.K. with good connections if there is no direct train.
National Rail Enquiery Telephone: 0345 48 49 50


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