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Far to many people do not think beyond Newcastle and imagine the North East as an industrial wasteland. Far from it, there are vast areas of open country, with small country towns, and villages dispersed in-between. Due to the history of the North East and its position as the boarder between the once separate Kingdoms of Scotland and England there are some magnificent castles to visit.

The northern coastline also boasts some of the most beautiful and unpolluted beaches. The North East is a delightful combination of folklore and forts, old coal mines and historical castles, wildlife, buildings and industry.

The delightful city of Durham is full of amazing history and is one of the most exciting visual and architectural experiences in Europe, with an impressive Cathedral. It is the ideal place if you are not looking for the hectic cosmopolitan air of Newcastle. Here you can amble by the river, spotting the historical bridges and building on the way. There are a good choice of shops from big names too bazaars and a market. It is ideal for a hassle free shopping experience with plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants to stop and refresh, and historical squares to site and rest while you sock up the atmosphere.

Middlesbourgh is an industrial town with a lot of charm, and is close to the seaside towns of Red Carr and further down the coast Whitby, the legendary home of Dracula.

Darlington is home to another legend, the birth of the railway. It was here that the Darlington to Stockton Railway and the 'Stevenson Rocket' began their journey and created the railway. If you look on the back of a five-pound note you will see this legendary rocket and the first ever railway. Darlington itself is a delightful market town, with a multitude of shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes, surrounded by beautiful countryside. There are also delightful smaller towns in the surrounding area such as Richmond and Barnard Castle, which are well worth a visit for their rustic charm and impressive historical buildings.

Weather you are looking for the hustle and bustle of the city and its night life or the charm of the towns or the 'get away feel of the villages'; the North East can offer it all and more. There is so much open countryside with amazing views and places to discover, why not pack a pick nick and go exploring.

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