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Destinations > UK > North East > Newcastle guide

For whatever reasons you have planned to visit the North East of England a visit to Newcastle is a must. Whether you are interested in the history of this magnificent city or plan to party the night away, sample the local ale, or to shop till you drop. Newcastle has plenty to offer people of all ages.

There is a good range of arts venues from theaters to galleries, making Newcastle perfect for art night or day. Plus excellent street entertainers usually around the monument area offering a range of street performance art to Peruvian music of an excellent standard.

Newcastle is a city full of life, if you feel you have had enough of the hectic city then head into the surrounding area and you will not be disappointed. Follow the coastal route and discover the small towns of Blyth and Amble. Further up the coast and you will come across Seahouses, Bamburgh, Holy Island, and Berwick-upon-Tweed which is the last town in England on this route, after that you are in Scotland.

If you prefer the inland countryside then visit Northumberland National Park, Border Forest Park and Kielder water and Hadrian's wall.

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Newcastle has much to offer in the Arts and entertainment area, whether it is classical art, classical theater, or a modern approach to art and theater, to the best in local entertainment.

Theater Royal
Location: Grey Street
Telephone: 0191 232 2061

Newcastle Telewest Arena
Location: Arena Way
Telephone: 0191 260 5000

Newcastle Playhouse
Location: Barras Bridge
Telephone: 0191 230 5151

Peoples Theater
Location: Stephenson Road, Heaton
Telephone: 0191 265 5191

Newcastle Arts Center
Location: 69 Westgate Road
Telephone: 0191 261 5618

Jazz Café
Location: Pink Lane
Telephone: 0191 232 6505

The Hyena Comedy Café
Location: Leazes Arcade, Leazes Lane, Haymarket
Telephone: 0191 232 6030

Laing Art Gallery
Location: New Bridge Street
Telephone: 0191 232 7734

Hatton Gallery
Location: The Quadrangle, off Kings Road, University of Newcastle
Telephone: 0191 222 6057



There is so much to see and do in the city, however the surrounding area also has a lot to offer and is well worth a visit.

The Tyne Bridge
Although not a typical tourist attraction you know you have arrived in Newcastle, weather you arrive by train or car, the Tyne Bridge is an impressive site as the rest of the city drops from view except the Tyne Bridge. It was built in 1925-28 and opened by King George V. At half a mile long it is was the world's largest single span bridge at the time until 1932 when the Sydney bridge in Australia was built.

The Town Walls
Newcastle was once a walled city. The walls were completed in the early fourteenth century, and surrounded the whole of Medieval Newcastle. Today in the city you can still see stretches of surviving walls and tower. The best site to see the wall is behind Stowell Street.

Castle Keep
In 1080, Robert Curthose, the bastard son of William The Conqueror, built a wooden castle on the site of a Roman fort, this 'New Castle' is were the city took its name. In 1168, Henry II rebuilt the castle instone. The present Keep is still one of the finest example of Norman architecture although since this time there has been some modifications. In side you can explore the royal accommodation.
Location: Castle Garth, St Nicholas Street
Telephone: 0191 232 7938

Earl Grey's Monument
This impressive monument stands in the center of the city. This 135 feet column is to commemorate the Great Reform Bill of 1832.
Location: Blackett Street/Grey Street

The Angel of the North
This is Britain's largest sculpture at 20 meters long and a wingspan of 54 meters. This 200 tone steel sculpture, created by Anthony Gormley has captured the imagination of people from all over the world.
Location: Elighton Banks, Gateshead. (sign posted of the Durham Road and the A1).

Earth Balance
This is an amazing farm, which is dedicated to the simple idea of The World and man living in harmony. Here you will see a working farm where natural resources are sustained, and discover how energy can be harvested without waste or pollution. See the balance of food and drink being produced with the health of the environment in mind. There is also a Green Garden Center, an Organic Bakery and Organic farm. Visit the farm for the ultimate Eco Trek, or for an uplifting, enlightening look at farming. This is a great family day out, with the only brew pub in Northumberland, The Cat And Sawdust. Were you can relaxes and enjoy some of the award winning beers. If beer is not your thing then relax in the Terra Ferma Café.
Location: West Sleekburn Farm, Bomarsund, Bedlington, of the A189.
Telephone: 01670 821 000

Hadrian's Wall
A World Heritage site and the most important monument built by the Romans in Britain. It was built over a six-year period from AD122, stretching from Wallsend in the east to Bowness in the west, an impressive 73 miles long. Although today only the ruins remain there are still some good sites left to see.
Location: On the B6318, 3 miles north east of Bardon Mill

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum
Experience life of a Roman in Britain 2000 years ago, wonder around the rooms, see why they occupied this site for 300 years, and why it controlled the main port of entry to the Roman Empire in Britain. Discover why it was a military supply base for the forts along Hadrian's Wall. Also learn about this amazing site's history since the Stone Age.
Location: Baring Street, South Shields
Telephone: 0191 456 1369

Beamish; The North of England Open Air Museum
This is an amazing full day out for the family. This open-air museum really does take you back in time while you wonder around the streets and enter the shops, houses, dentist and bank.
Location: A1 M (junction 63) Chester-le-Street turn off. 4 miles along A693 towards Stanley. There are good sign posts, and buses from the town center direct.
Telephone: 01207 231 811
Bus telephone enquiry line: 0191 460 5144



There is everything from Rock to Dance. Listed below is a sample selection. (Telephone to find out what particular style of music the club plays most).

Location: 32 The Close, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne
Telephone: (0191) 233 2941
Open Friday & Saturday until 1.50am

Location: 49 New Bridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 261 2526
Open Friday & Saturday until 11.45pm. - 2.00am

Grey's Court, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 261 4066
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10.00pm - 2.00am

Location: 10 The Close, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 232 7240
Open Monday to Thursday, 10.00pm - 2.00am, Friday and Saturday 9.00pm - 2.00pm

Location: 49 New Bridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 261 2526
Open all days except Sunday and Tuesday 9.30pm - 2.00am
Club nights: Mondays - Brit Hop, Wednesdays - 3 Decades of Dance, Thursdays - G.A.P, Truce, Saturdays - commercial Dance,

Location: 77 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 232 0430
Open Monday - Saturday 7,00pm - 2.00am, Sundays until 10.30pm
Club nights: Monday - The Third Coming, lndi and 70s, Tuesday Beagle Express, Classic 70s, Wednesday - MAB (Music & Beer), Thursdays - Classic House, Fridays - Lacuna, House Music, Saturdays - Cream of Newcastle, Classic Tunes plus Soul, jazz Funk.

Location: Newgate Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 232 3109
Open Friday and Saturdays, 9.OOPM - 2.00am

Location: Low Friar House, Low Friar Street Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 230 2186
Open Monday to Thursday, 6,00pm - 2.00am. Friday and Saturday 5.00pm - 2.00am. Club nights include Nice, Funki chicks, 80's Night

Location: Alfred Wilson House, Waterloo Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: (0191) 261 8874
Open Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10.00pm - 3.00am



Newcastle has a long and fascinating history, and is the cultural and historical focus for Northumberland.

Originally the first settlement arouse on the slopes of the hills overlooking the Tyne because it offered the lowest bridgeable point over the river. Later the Romans built Pont Aelius, which was guarded by a fort and was an integral part of Hadrians Wall, positioned near to the present day swing bridge.

During the Norman Conquest in 1080, William the Conqueror's natural son built a wooden castle on top of the Roman ruins, this was like the Romans before to push a boundary north and hold it. This 'New Castle' is from were the city took its name. By the time of Henry I in 1101 - 1135 Newcastle was already an important trading center. Later between 1168 and 1178 the Castle was entirely rebuilt in stone by Henry II.

However the city developed so rapidly during the 19th century that most of the ancient and historical buildings were demolished to make space for the new industries. Yet there is still evidence left of the past. From the Castle itself there is a well-preserved castle keep that can be visited, and gives good view over the Tyne from the top.



Newcastle is home to the 'Magpies', Newcastle United football Club, and stadium of St James Park. Tours of the stadium take place on most days, and allow you to visit some of the back-stage areas, like the dressing rooms, managers dugout, and pressroom.
Not far from Newcastle is Sunderland, home of Sunderland Football clubs new venue 'The Stadium of Light'. A Tour of this stadium allows you to visit all the areas including the control room right at the top.
If Rugby is more your sport then visit Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club at Kingston Park.Ice Hockey
Riverkings Ice Hockey Team
Location: Newcastle Telewest Arena, Arena Way
Telephone: 0191 260 2327Basketball
Newcastle Eagles
Location: The sporting Club, 1 Allison court, Metro Center, Gateshead
Telephone: 0191 496 1100



There are hundreds of pubs too choice from in the city and more traditional ones well worth visiting outside. Lets not forget the famous Newcastle Brown Ale. Most of the pubs in the city center have a dress code on the weekends of no trainers, and no jeans, however there are some more relaxed pubs were any old gear goes





Waterside Palace
Location: Forth Banks
Telephone: 0191 232 6070
Open: Monday - Sunday 12am - 11pm

Great Wall
Location: 35 - 39 Bath Lane
Telephone: 0191 232 0517
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2pm and 6.30 - 11pm

Happiness Inn
Location: 91 Percy Street
Telephone: 0191 232 5969
Open: Monday - Sunday 11.30am - 11.30pm.

Oriental Star
Location: Cross Street
Telephone: 0191 232 0272
Open: Monday - Sunday 12am - 11.30pm

Palace Garden
Location: 45-51 Stowell Street
Telephone: 0191 232 3117
Open: Monday - Sunday 12am - 11.30pm

Shangri La
Location: 38 - 42 Stowell Street
Telephone: 0191 261 2289
Open: Monday - Sunday 11am - 2pm and 6pm - 12pm

Treasure of the Orient
Location: 26 - 28 Stowell Street
Telephone: 0191 230 4008
Open: Monday - Friday, Sunday 12 am - 2pm; and 6.30pm - 11pm; Saturday 12am - 11pm


Zorba The Greek
Location: 6 Big Market
Telephone: 0191 232 0750
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2pm and 5.30pm - 11pm. Sunday 6pm -11pm

The Athenian
Location: 1 St Nicholas Chambers, Amen Corner
Telephone: 0191 222 1714
Open: Monday - Saturday 7pm - midnight


Asha Raval
Location: 27 Queen Street
Telephone: 0191 232 7799
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2.30pm. Monday - Sunday 6pm - 11.30pm

Golden Bengal
Location: 39 Groat Market
Telephone: 0191 232 0471
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2.30pm. Monday - Sunday 6pm - 11.30pm

Location: 52 St Andrews Street
Telephone: 0191 233 0005
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2pm. Sunday - Wednesday 6pm - 11.30pm. Thursday - Saturday 6pm - 12pm.Pierre Victoire
Location: 2 Queen Street
Telephone: 0191 245 5500
Open: Monday - Sunday 12am - 3pm. Monday - Saturday 6pm - 11pm


Location: 61 Westgate Road
Telephone: 0191 232 0708
Open: Monday - Friday 12am - 2.30pm and 6pm - 11pm. Saturday 6.30pm - 11pm

Location: 29 Pudding Chare
Telephone: 0191 232 1961
Open: Monday - Friday 12am- 2.30pm and 5.30pm - 10.30pm. Saturday 12am - 2.30pm and 5.30pm - 11pm. Sunday 6pm - 10.30pm

Sabatini Ristorante
Location: 25 King Street
Telephone: 0191 261 4415
Open: Monday - Thursday 12am - 2pm and 6pm - 11pm.
Friday - Saturday 6pm - 11.30pm

Ristorante Roma
Location: 22 Collingwood Street
Telephone: 0191 232 0612
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2pm; Monday - Sunday 7pm - 11pm


Location: 32 Gallowgate
Telephone: 0191 233 0189
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2pm and 6pm - 11.30pm. Sunday 12am - 11.30pm


Location: The Fencourt Hotel, Osbourne Road, Jesmond
Telephone: 0191 281 5377
Open: Monday - Saturday 6.30pm - 10pm

Location: 17 Sandhill, Quayside
Telephone: 0191 232 6969
Open: Monday - Sunday 12am - 11.30pm

Telephone: 0191 230 2255
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 11pm. Sunday 12am - 10.30pm


Fishermans Wharf
Location: 15 The Side
Telephone: 0191 232 1057
Open: Monday - Saturday 12am - 2pm and 7pm - 11pm


Location: 101 Pilgrim Street
Telephone: 0191 261 2363
Open: Monday - Saturday 11.45am - 2pm and 5pm -11pm


Location: Princess Square
Telephone: 0191 261 2730
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.30am - 7.30pm

Red Herring Café (Vegan Restaurant)
Location: 3-4 Studley Terrace, Fenham
Telephone: 0191 272 3484
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 10pm



Shopping in Newcastle is an experience. There is everything from high street names, big name department stores, and unique boutiques. Shopping malls and small bazaars.
Eldon Square
This mall is the Britain's largest city shopping center, with over 140 shops, with it own pubs, restaurants and car parks.
Monument Mall
This is Newcastle's latest Mall. There is plenty of places to eat, and some good stores to shop.
Northumberland Street
Considered to be the Oxford Street of the north, this is the main and most popular shopping street in Newcastle.
Metro Center
One of Europe's biggest shopping and leisure centers. 360 shops in three miles of attractive tree lined mall.




Newcastle airport is only six miles away from the city center. The metro provides a fast and frequent service between the airport and City center. It is a 20 minutes journey by car.
Telephone: 0191 214 3334


Newcastle is well served by the A1 (M), which has many connections. Once in Newcastle there are multi-stories and pay display car parks in the center of the city. So there is little stress of finding places to park.


National Express Coach services have a wide U.K. service. For pick up points and destinations, and run regularly from London Victoria to Newcastle and else were in the U.K.
Telephone: National Express - 0990 80 80 80


Newcastle Central Station is situated in the center of the city. There are main line services to Newcastle from all over the U.K. with good connections if there is no direct train. There is also an underground metro service, which is well sign posted and easy to use.
National Rail Enquiery Telephone: 0345 48 49 50
Metro Telephone: 0191 232 5325


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