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Destinations > UK > North West > Chester guide

Chester is an amazing city with many delights and sights for all ages. Set in an ancient and dramatic setting Chester is full of culture and history, from the Civil War to the Romans and further back in time.
This 2000-year-old city boasts its title as the most complete walled city in Britain, and visitors will not be disappointed. You can walk the entire length of the wall, some 2 miles around the city, were you will experience some amazing views of the city centre on one side and the Welsh Mountains on the other. You will be standing in the area that many have defended the city before, the Roman, Saxons, Norman's and the armies of King Charles I, have all defended or fought for control of the city from these walls.
The Wall is not the only legacy the Romans left behind, there is also the Amphitheatre, the largest of its kind in Britain, and is well worth a visit.
Chester also has a distinct medieval flavour, although its foundations are Roman, it prospered throughout the Medieval period, from cobbled streets to Cathedral.
Chester today is also alive and a hive of activity with plenty of bars, pub and clubs. During the summer months there are festivals, live bands and street entertainers. There are simply hundreds of places to eat out during the day and night, sit and relax in one of the bars or cafes, or party the night away at a club.
The surrounding countryside of Chester is also full of history, from Iron Age Hill Forts to Norman Castles. However the surrounding area is also renowned for its beauty and wildlife. There are many things to see and explore in the city centre and the surrounding area, whether you want a wild night out in the city or an amble through the countryside, Chester is the perfect place.

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Chester has a renowned award winning theatre with an exciting and varied program throughout the year. Enter the world of theatre and enjoy performances of drama, comedy, stand up comedians, dance, children's theatre, workshops and much more.

Chester Gateway Theatre
Location: Hamilton Place
Telephone: 01244 340 392



Dewa Roman Experience
Stroll along a reconstructed Roman Street, step aboard a Roman Galley and discover roman Britain. Plus experience the sights, sounds and smells of Roman Chester.
Location: Pierpoint Lane, Bridge Street
Telephone: 01244 343 407

Chester Cathedral
For over 1000 years the sight of Chester Cathedral has been a place of worship. Parts of the Norman church that began in 1092 can still be seen today.
Location: St Werburgh street
Telephone: 01244 324 756

Grosvenor Museum
Explore Chester's past in this fascinating museum.
Location: Grosvenor Street
Telephone: 01244 402 008

Chester Toy and Doll Museum
A huge collection of historical toys, amusement machines, matchbox toys, dolls, rare tinplate and mechanical toys plus much more. A great museum for all the family.
Location: 13A Lower Bridge Street Row
Telephone: 01244 346 297

Chester Zoo
The Largest Zoo in Britain with many programs for endangered species.
Location: Upton-by-Chester, off the A41
Telephone: 01244 380 280

The Blue Planet Aquarium
Explore and discover the exciting world of the underwater habitat and its inhabitants.
Location: Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port
Telephone: 0151 357 8800

Chester Visitor and Craft Centre
Discover the history of your family name, explore the Living Light Candle Workshop and much more.
Location: Vicar's Lane
Telephone: 01244 402 111



Chester is alive with activity, whether you want to spend the day drinking and relaxing by the river, or party the night away Chester has it all. There are a great range of pubs and bar, offering everything from traditional style pubs to modern pubs with lively and loud atmospheres. You will also find wine bars, wine lodges and cocktail bars. A large number of the pubs serve food and have a good menu at competitive prices.

Rosie's night-club
Telephone: 01244 327 141

Stringer's night-club
Telephone: 01244 400 685



Chester is famous for many things and one of these is its history. 2000 years ago the Roman occupied Chester and are responsible for the original city walls built at this time.
The Roman's 20th Legion, one of the three stationed in Britain during the occupation, threw up the original earthworks of the wall. Their fortress, which they called Deva, stood on a sandstone mound in a bend of the River Dee at the head of the estuary.
The four main roads of the camp, now called Northgate Street, Eastgate Street, Watergate Street and Bridge Street, remain exactly where the Roman surveyor marked them out 1,900 years ago. Today the walls are entirely walkable, and offer a nice 2 mile leisurely stroll. The walls also offer some splendid view over the city on one side and on the other the distant Welsh Mountains.
Nobody knows what happened to Chester during the 400 years after the Romans withdrew. Later in the 9th century the Saxons brought the body of St. Werburgh from Staffordshire during a Danish invasion, and restored Chester's defenses. During the Saxon era it became an important town. Chester was one of the last towns to fall to the Norman's, four years after the Battle of Hastings. From this time Cheshire was ruled by a line of Norman earls, right until the Norman Earls died out and King Henry III claimed the title. Since then the eldest son of the reigning monarch has always held it, hence Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
During the 13th and 14th centuary Chester was the principle port in the north west, trading with many countries. Then the River Dee estuary began to silt up, no longer allowing ships to moor at Westgate, trade declined and was eventually no more.
During the Civil War the city was a royalist stronghold. Charles I stood on one of the towers to see his troops defeated in the Battle of Rowton Heath. After the King fled the city held on for five more months. After this Chester no longer used her great defensive walls and during the returned peace became a quit but prosperous administrative center.



Chester offers a hive of sporting and leisure activities to enjoy, there is everything from watersport pursuits to guided walks of the city. On a sunny day it is great to walk along the riverbank and take a picnic.



Chester is alive with activity, whether you want to spend the day drinking and relaxing by the river, or party the night away Chester has it all. There are a great range of pubs and bar, offering everything from traditional style pubs to modern pubs with lively and loud atmospheres. You will also find wine bars, wine lodges and cocktail bars. A large number of the pubs serve food and have a good menu at competitive prices.

Temple Bar
Telephone: 01244 328 007

Telephone: 01244 319 813

Pied Bull
Telephone: 01244 325 829

Olde Kings Head
Telephone: 01244 324 855

Chester Bell
Telephone: 01244 324 022

Ye Olde Deva
Telephone: 01244 316 477

Coach & Horses
Telephone: 01244 325 533

Yate's Wine Lodge
Telephone: 01244 344 813

Scruffy Murphy's
Telephone: 01244 321 750

Ye Olde Vaults
Telephone: 01244 314 475

Watergates Wine Bar
Telephone: 01244 320 515

Old Orleans Cocktail Bar
Telephone: 01244 311 518

Clavertons Cocktail Bar
Telephone: 01244 319 760

Via Vita Cocktail Bar
Telephone: 01224 347 878

Rosie's Wine Bar
Telephone: 01244 327 141



There are many places to eat out in Chester, so there is little problem of finding a place to suit everybody's tastes and needs. Many of the pubs also serve good food at competitive prices


Peter Chan's Kitchen
Location: Bridge Street
Telephone: 01244 342 002

The Slow Boat
Location: Off Abbey Street
Telephone: 01244 317 873


Location: Lower Bridge Street
Telephone: 01244 346 354

Step in India
Location: Boughton Street
Telephone: 01244 346 431

Taste of India
Location: Brook Street
Telephone: 01244 311 585


Caffe Uno Cuisine
Location: Bridge Street
Telephone: 01244 400 851

Bella Pasta
Location: Eastgate Street
Telephone: 01244 325 420


Location: Abbey Green
Telephone: 01244 329 932



Chester is a great place to shop and a wonderful experience. There are simply 100 of shops to choice from. Plus you can amble through the streets for a historical discovery while you shop. Many of the shops are housed in historical buildings making Chester very aesthetically pleasing. There are plenty of lanes and alleys housing shops to explore. There is also the Grosvenor shopping Centre for that essential all weather shopping experience.
Chester offers everything from high street names, designer out lets, specialist stores, unique boutiques and fashion shops, plus craft and souvenir shops and much more.




Manchester International Airport is a 40-minute drive from Chester on the M53, M56 motorways.
Once in the city center the public transport runs at regular intervals, and provides a good service


Chester is easily accessed by car from the M6, M56, A4 and A483. Ones in the center there are many car parks to choice from in different partof the city, all of which are sign posted and pay and display.


Chester's bus station is in the center of the city on Northgate Street.Here there are regular services to and from all over the area. National Express Coach services run all over the U.K. between major towns and cities offering a good service from a wide range of pick up points and destinations, there main terminal is in London Victoria Coach Station.
Telephone: National Express - 0990 80 80 80


Chester's train station situated in the center at the top of Station road and City Road, there are services to here from all over the U.K. if not direct then with good connections.
Telephone: 0345 48 49 50


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