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Destinations > UK > East > Cambridge guide

Cambridge is a delightful city, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Weather you feel like a boat trip on the river were the famous Oxford and Cambridge boat race takes place or an amble around this historic city. Cambridge has many delights to offer.

Although famous as a university town Cambridge was important long before the university existed. From the first century BC when an Iron Age Belgic tribe built a settlement between the trackless forests in the south and the marshy Fens in the north, to the Romans and latter the Saxons to the Norman's under William the Conqueror. The motte of Williams Castle still stands and Ely Cathedral can be seen from the top on a clear day. Cambridge is rich in history and there is plenty to discover.

The countryside surrounding the city is also rich in history, culture and beauty. You can escape into the country for a peaceful experience and explore the compact villages and ancient churches. It is landscape of gently rolling ridges, valleys, trees and more ancient landscapes of moats, mysterious defensive ditches, and burial mounds.

Cambridge offers excellent shopping, museums and galleries, with a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment for the day or night. With so much to offer weather you want to relax in the countryside or enjoy the delights of Cambridge there is much to tickle anyone's fancy.

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Cambridge Corn Exchange
This venue offers a range of arts and entertainment's.
Telephone: 01223 357 851

Cambridge & Country Folk museum
This delightful museum tells the tale of local history.
Telephone: 01223 355 159
Location: 2/3 Castle Street.

Kettles Yard Gallery
Offers regular temporary exhibitions of modern art.
Telephone: 01223 352 124
Location: Kettles Yard is behind Pound Hill and lies north west of the center.

University Museum of Classical Archaeology.
Telephone: 01223335 153
Location: Sidgwick Avenue.



Although Cambridge itself is very beautiful, if you have the option visiting the surrounding area as the countryside is breath taking and the towns and hidden sites you will find are numerable.
The town of Ely has a Cathedral dating from 1081 with a unique octagonal lantern tower.
Oliver Cromwells house is also near by, and there are some pleasant river sidewalks to take. If you haven't seen enough of Oliver Cromwell why not visit Huntington, were the Cromwell Museum is situated in the school building of Cromwell himself.
If you fancy something a bit more lively why not visit the near by City of Peterborough.

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens
Here you can enjoy 40 acres of beautiful gardens.
Telephone: 01223 336265
Location: Bateman Street.

Castle Mound
Visit the grassy motte of William the Conqueror's castle, and enjoy beautiful views of the town, and countryside.
Location: Walk up Magdalene street (which is a car-free street) when the street becomes open to traffic it is just a short 400 yard walk, Castle Mound is on the left.



Cambridge is a friendly town, offering a range of quiet pubs to the lively student bars. There are various venues to choice from what ever your mood. Many of the pubs offer good pub food at competitive prices




Cambridge is a very important University town, making a name for its self and its scholars. The first scholar arrived in 1209, it was another 75 years before the first collage was founded and this was Peterhouse. Another 5 collages were to follow in the 14th Century, and later in the 15th and 16th Century there were ten more. Today there are 31 collages.



For sport and leisure Cambridge offer a swimming complex. The pool has two flume rides, a separate diving pool, with a separate Toddler pool. There is an Executive health Suite, which includes a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and a sanarium.
For those of us that like to take it a little easier there are plenty of parks and gardens that are beautiful to wonder round what ever the time of year.



Cambridge is a friendly town, offering a range of quiet pubs to the lively student bars. There are various venues to choice from what ever your mood. Many of the pubs offer good pub food at competitive prices





Location: 21/24 Bridge Street, Cambridge.
Tel (01223) 311053
Open Monday-Saturday 1000-2330, Sunday 1000-2230


Charlie Chan
Location: 14 Regent Street, Cambridge.
Tel: (01223) 361763
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1400 & 1800-2300.

Location: 66 Chesterton Road, Cambridge.
Tel; (01223) 366552
Open Tuesday-Saturday 1200-1400. Tuesday-Sunday 1800-2300 (Friday & Saturday close at 2330)

Location: 21 Burleigh Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 354755
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1430 & 1800-2230

The Rice House
Location: 88 Mill Road, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 367755
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1400 & 1730-2300 (until 2330 on Fri & Sat)


Midsummer House
Location: Midsummer Common, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 369299
Open Tuesday-Friday 1200-1400 & 1900-2130, Saturday 1900-2130, Sunday 1200-1400.

Michel's Brasserie
Location: 21-24 Northampton Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 353110
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1430 & 1800-2300.

Panos Restaurant
Location: 154 Hills Road, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 212958
Open Monday-Friday 1200-1430 & 1900-2200, Saturday 1900-2200, Sunday closed.

Pierre Victoire
Location: 90-92 Regent Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 570170
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1500,1730-2300.


Location: 30 Bridge Street, Cambridge
Tel (01223) 362372
Open on-Friday 1130-1430 & 1700-2230, Saturday & Sunday 1130-2230. (Weekends - Belly Dancer & Traditional background Music)

Location: 78-80 King Street, Cambridge
Tel (01223) 500005
Open Monday-Saturday 1200-1430, & 1800-2300, Sunday 1200-2300.


Star of India
Location: 71 Castle Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 312569
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1430, & 1800-2400.

The Gandhi
72 Regent Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 353942
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1430 & 1800-2400.

Taste of Bangladesh
Location: 451 Newmarket Road, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 566388
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1430 & 1800-2400.

Taz Tandoori
Location: 64 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 412299
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-1430, & 1800-2400.

Victoria Tandoori
Location: 12b Victoria Avenue, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 313331
Open Sunday-Thursday 1200-1400 & 1800-2400, Friday-Saturday 1200-1400 & 1800-2430.


Bella Pasta
Location: The Mill, Newnham Road, Cambridge
Tel (01223) 367507
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-2300

Café Uno
Location: 32 Bridge Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 314954
Open on-Saturday 1000-2330, Sunday 1000-2300.

Don Pasquale Restaurant
Location: 12a Market Hill, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 350106
Open Monday-Saturday 1100-1500 & 1745-2300. Closed on a Sunday.

Mamma Amalfi
Location: 106 Grafton Center, Cambridge
Tel: (012223) 462464
Open Monday-Sunday 1200-2230.


Loch Fyne
Location: 37 Trumpington Street, Cambridge
Tel : (01223) 362433
Open Monday-Saturday 0900-2200, Sunday 1000-2100.

The Fish & Chip Shop
Location: 12 Burleigh Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 369157
Open Monday-Saturday 0900-1800


Sala Thong
Location: 35 Newnham Road, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 323178

Tai Cheun
Location: 12 St John's Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 358 281

Thai Regent
Location: 108 Regent Street, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 464355


Al Casbah
Location: 62 Mill Road, Cambridge
Tel (01223) 561666/579500
Open Monday-Saturday 1200-1500, & 1730-2330, Sunday 1730-2330


All Bar One
Location: 36 St Andrew's Street, Cambridge.
Tel (01223) 371081.
Open Monday-Saturday 1200-2300, Sunday 1200-2230.

Location: 23 Trumpington Street, Cambridge.
Tel (01223) 461655
Open Monday-Saturday 1100-2330, Sunday & Bank Holidays 1200-2330

Bloomsbury Restaurant Crowne Plaza
Location: Crowne Plaza, Downing Street, Cambridge
Tel (01223) 556556
Open Monday-Sunday 1215-1415 & 1730-2200

Green Man, Beefeater
Location: 55 High Street, Trumpington.
Tel (01223) 844903
Open Sunday-Thursday 1200-2230, Friday & Saturday 1200-2300

Location: 6 Lensfield Road, Cambridge.
Tel (01223) 566887.
Open Monday-Saturday 1200-2300. Closed on a Sunday.


Rainbow Vegetarian Bistro
Location: 9a King's Parade, Cambridge
Tel: (01223) 321551
Open Monday-Saturday 1100-2300. Closed on a Sunday.



Cambridge is a delightful place to shop weather you are looking for those high street names or big house hold names. However it is also great if you are looking for something a little bit different from crafts to clothes. There is also a market held Monday to Saturday selling a variety of goods.
Shopping is made easier and more pleasurable as a lot of the center has been pedestrianised, also with some car free streets, allowing you to amble along at your own pace.




Although there are car parks in the center, the easiest way is to use the park and ride. There are three Park & Ride facilities to use in different directions outside Cambridge. This service offers effective travel into the hart of the city. For a small cost you park your car and use the park & ride bus, which will take you right into the center. This service operates Monday - Saturday.


The main bus station is in the center on Drummer Street. National Express Coach services have a wide U.K. service. For pick up points and destinations.
National Express Telephone: 0990 80 80 80


Cambridge railway station is situated just outside the center. There are train services to Cambridge from all over the U.K.
National Rail Enquiery Telephone: 0345 48 49 50


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