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Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic its historic core has created an Urban Memorial Reservation for its historic, cultural, architectural and urban merits, which include almost 2000 cultural monuments. Prague is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking cities in Europe, and has luckily survived the world wars without too much damage. The little cobble-stoned city has plenty of historic attractions as well as many new and interesting things to keep you entertained. If you like to spend your time in museums, Prague has many to choose from, covering all tastes. They range from the famous National Museum and the Prague Museum. If you like shopping. Go to the Wenceslas Square area and shop in the markets or stores, best buys are crystal, glassware, porcelain, embroidered goods and traditional wooden goods. If music is your passion, Prague offers it all, from stirring operas to hip hop, from world famous conductors to unknown street musicians. Prague is a music lovers paradise.

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EuropeCzech Republic+420 2230VKoruny (CZK)