Driving in London, London

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Rules of the road: please don't forget we drive on the left!

*Parking* - A single yellow line along the curb indicates a restriction, especially Mon-Fri. A double yellow line means no parking at all times. A double red line indicates a bus route on which there is no stopping at all. In London Traffic Wardens enforces the regulations stricktly and will have your car towed away if you park in the wrong place. NCP (National Car Parks).

*Spead Limits*

  • motorways - 70mph (112kph)
  • major roads - 60mph (96kph)
  • urban areas - 30mph (48kph)

*Seat Belts* - By law all passengers must be strapped in both front and rear.

*Car Hire* - Hiring a car to drive in London is impractical. Public transport is quicker especially during rush hour when you would save time if you walked! Taxis know how to avoid the black spots and solve the age old problem of city parking.

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