Where To Stay In New York When On A Budget

Thu, Sep 3, 2009

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New York is definitely not one of the world’s most affordable cities, and the first thing that you need to know is that a budget spend in New York can often get you a five star treatment in many other places of the world. However, New York is New York and if you haven’t seen it, then you really haven’t seen America. You can of course do budget in New York, but remember that at a place where your average hotel costs you at least $300, anything that ranges from $100 to $200 is budget accommodation.

Some of the affordable and comfortable hotels in New York that will make you feel at home with their own unique charm at great prices are:

The Chelsea Lodge

If you want to stay in Chelsea amidst its vibrant art scene, then this quirky and homey looking town house is a nice place to stay in. At $129 and above, the hotel will provide you with comfortable airy rooms with large windows, wood flooring and an overall country retreat atmosphere in the middle of bustling New York. The disadvantage of staying here however is that while you get your own sink and shower, all the toilets are shared.

Hotel 17

In spite of having been made famous by the likes of Woody Allen and Madonna, Hotel 17 in clean and green Gramercy still maintains its classic character and affordable nature. The hotel’s 122 rooms are furnished with dark wood furniture and the old world charm is added to by the winding narrow corridors and wood paneled lobby area. The disadvantage once again is that not all rooms have private bathrooms, but the advantage is that most of them do. Rooms start at $120 per night for doubles.

The Pod

The first thing that you need to know about the Pod is that it is called so because the rooms are small. Like almost other budget hotels, many rooms have shared bathrooms. However, the plus point is that it is located Midtown and is close to Central Park, Bloomingdale’s and the Museum of Modern Art. The double rooms also have private bathrooms and toilets and the rooms are bright and welcoming. The lobby, roof deck and patio are great places to hang out at. Recommended for the young and the hip, who will love the décor, feel and the efficiency of the rooms and the common areas. Single accommodation starts at $99.

The advantages of considering the three hotels mentioned above is that unlike many other New York hotels, they do not have a minimum nights policy. You can book the hotel for as less or as long a time as you want. These places also have a unique character that sets them apart from other run of the mill New York hotels. All the hotels have free Wi Fi connectivity in guest rooms and common areas.

In order to make sure that you get a reservation at any of these hotels, or any other New York hotel for that matter, make sure that you book as early as possible. Trying to book very late will either have you homeless or broke in New York.

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