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Sun, Apr 28, 2013


Technology has practically taken over all aspects of our lives and the hospitality industry is also making use of technology for its benefits. Technology based hospitality solutions are in trend today. One specific niche of technology that has taken the hospitality industry by storm is the mobile app technology. There are a number of Android apps for hotel booking available on the Google Play Store. Similarly, iPad hotel apps, or more specifically, iOS hotel apps are also available on the iTunes store.

 Hotel.com was one of the foremost hotel booking sites that managed to realize the potential that mobile technology had to offer to the niche of online hotel booking. Consequently, they brought out apps for the two most popular mobile platforms in the world, Android and iOS. Here is a look at the Hotel.com apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

 Apps for Tablets and Phones Differ

One aspect of app usage that hotels.com have managed to realize very early is that tablet user experience and the phone user experience cannot be matched. The phone obviously has a smaller sized screen, which practically restricts the features that can be added on the phone app’s home screen. But credit should be given to the tablet apps, especially the iPad app for hotels.com. The user interface is beautifully designed and there’s good flow maintained when it comes to the whole search and booking process.

 The User Interface

 As mentioned earlier, the iPad app has the best user interface in all the apps available for hotel.com. The designs used are very catchy and attractive. The font and every small detail of the app have been well developed. About the Android phone app, you might find the interface to be lacking in the iOS counterparts. The reason for this is unknown but hotel.com may do well to fix this issue fast as 3 out of 4 smartphones run on the Android operating system.


Search and Booking


Again, iOS app of hotel.com scores over the Android app, but not by much. The search feature can be used in a couple of different ways. You can search by location, by category, and by price. Once you have made the search, booking is also very easy. You have to select the type of room you want and then make the payment (this depends on the hotel you are booking and their payment policy). You can also save your credit card details so that you can use the number for future usage (excellent for regular travelers).The apps cover more than 60 countries, and over 140,000 hotels are included in the search. So, you can rest assured that the app is very comprehensive.


Final Thoughts


There is room for improvement, especially in the Android app of Hotel.com (the user interface definitely needs some work to be done on it). This app is one of the comprehensive mobile hotel booking apps that you will ever find. So, it is highly recommended, especially for people who travel on a regular basis, both within the country and internationally.




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