Which Accommodation Should You Choose for Your Weekend Getaway

Thu, Oct 25, 2012

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If you decide to go away for the weekend the choice of your accommodation will be based on what you want to get from your trip, whether you need to relax, have fun and so on. But it will also be based on your budget. Here are some pieces of information that should help you choose the right accommodation for your next getaway.

Youth Hostel

Youth hostels are perfect for discovery weekends or if you want to visit a place with a limited budget, as they are generally very affordable. In addition, it’s also a good way of meeting people from different horizons to learn a bit about their culture or just to keep you company during your trip. however, this type of accommodation is not recommended if you’re travelling with some great value items. In fact, in youth hostels you have to share your room with other people so if one of your belongings disappear it will be difficult to know who’s responsible for that.

Traditional Hotel

Traditional hotels are adapted for different type of getaways, in fact you can also find some quite available hotels but be really careful in your choice as some of those cheap hotels don’t really pay attention to very important hygiene rules. For instance some of them don’t remove the sheets after their clients, so be careful when choosing a hotel to stay during your getaway. In fact, when you’re going away for the weekend you expect to spend as less money as possible but make sure you don’t choose any accommodation just because it’s cheap.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel is a very good choice for romantic getaways, in fact they offer quite lots of extra services that you won’t get in other types of hotels. For instance they can customise your room and make it more relaxing or more romantic. This will depend on you as you can tell them how you want them to decorate your room and they will do it. Boutique hotels are also well prepared to receive business people so if you have a business trip you can book a room in one of them.

Self-catering Holiday Cottage

Self-catering holiday cottages are perfect for family getaways, in fact they are generally very spacious and flexible, therefore even if you cannot all sleep in the bedrooms there will be enough space in the living room for one or two air mattresses. In addition, most of them are located next to the countryside so you can do different activities. And you’ll have even more activities to choose from if you spend your weekend in a cottage in Devon more precisely in the city of Dartmouth. In fact, in this city they have some of the most beautiful cottages in the country and you will enjoy a big private terrace but also more fancy things such as a private fishing spot. So you can go with your family to your private fishing spot and learn how to fish. If you decide to go to Dartmouth when you book your Dartmouth accommodation make sure you tell them that you want a cottage with a private fishing spot.


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Kathy travelled a lot on her gap year and learned a lot about how to pick the perfect place for your needs, as she had little money and couldn’t waste any. After studying in travel and tourism, she took her previous experiences and used it to advise others on where to stay on their holidays, and is still doing so to this day.


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