Top 5 Reasons London is a Great City

Sun, Dec 9, 2012

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I ‘Heart’ London

You don’t need to have a tacky t-shirt from a dodgy stall with the above message on it to show everyone how you feel about the United Kingdom’s largest city and capital. There are millions who live and travel into London every day who simply love the city, for various reasons.

We looked at the five main reasons why London is such a great place, loved by residents and visitors alike.


One thing that hits you when you visit the city, especially if it is for the first time, is the multi-cultural elements that come together and mingle so well. Whether it is the Asian owned supermarket or the Caribbean market stall, these and so many other cultural influences from around the world are present all across the city, and are enjoyed by people of all demographics and tastes.

British Heritage

As much as the multi-cultural elements of the city help it to come to life, the underlying influence and presence of British heritage is also unmistakable, and helps the city and its residents to truly identify itself.

Whether it is the stalls of Portobello Road market or a stroll down Carnaby Street, British heritage is another aspect of life in London that is impossible to escape and is embraced by millions on a daily basis.

Transport Systems

No doubt that regular commuters or travellers around London will find themselves laughing at this one, but it would be unfair to dismiss the city’s transport systems out of hand. Whether it is the ease in which one can hail or book a taxi, or the regularity of bus and tube services, the transport system here has much going for it. This is especially true when you have experienced the chaos that many other cities endure. The Paris Metro, anyone?

Contrasting Tastes

Whatever a person is interested in, whatever food they like to eat or wherever the types of places they are fond of visiting, London truly is a city for everyone. From sports stadiums to ‘greasy spoon’ cafes, from world famous opera houses to a walk along the Thames, whatever you want to do, you can do it in this city.

The People

Last, but by no means least, we come to the people of London. They often get a bad name due to misguided beliefs around “cockneys” for example, but the reality is that it would be difficult to find a more collectively friendly and welcoming bunch of people anywhere in the world.

Like any city, you can find criticisms to throw at London, yet the positive aspects far outweigh anything even the world’s biggest cynic could come up with.

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