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Thu, Oct 25, 2012

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What makes Hong Kong so captivating is the fact that it’s an Oriental city with an authentic, colorful, Eastern history served on a very modern platter. In no other place in the world can you find that the old and the new mesh so well, where ancient tea ware museums fit seamlessly amidst the jungle of soaring skyscrapers. And with most airline companies offering daily flights to Hong Kong experiencing this world city is always just a short plane ride away.

Where to Stay: Harbour Grand Kowloon

If you want nothing less than luxury throughout your stay in Hong Kong, then Harbour Grand Kowloon will never disappoint. From its elegant driveway to its lavish marble lobby, you’ll instantly know that the hotel truly lives up to its name with regards to its grandeur. Built in 1995, this hotel which overlooks the beautiful Victoria Harbour underwent a renovation back in 2008. Aside from its 554 guestrooms, 86 of which are suites and serviced suites, another thing to look forward to during your stay at Harbour Grand Kowloon is its roof top swimming pool surrounded with glass walls. Whether you’re having a sip at the pool bar or enjoying a relaxing dip in the whirlpool, you’ll be able to do either while taking in lovely 360-degree views of the harbor.

Where to Eat: Lei Yun Mun

For such a small city, would you believe that Hong Kong actually has 11,000 restaurants? It’ll take you more than a lifetime to be able to sample each restaurant. But if your idea of a gastronomic adventure is selecting your would-be dinner fresh from the source and then seeing an expert make it palatable for you, then head to Lei Yun Mun, an authentic fishing village which has existed even before the city opened its doors to the West. This spot became popular back in the 1960s for its alfresco dining. Be prepared to get your hands wet before you do any actual eating though – you first have to buy fish from any of the local vendors before having it prepared at any of the nearby restaurants for a fee. With the reasonable price range and the assurance that you got the freshest ingredients nature has to offer, this seaside dining venue is worth the trip from the downtown area.

Where to Shop: Cat Street

Before capping your Hong Kong vacation, make sure that you pick up a rare find at Cat Street, known for its antiques. Whether you’re thinking about taking with you a piece of the Ming Dynasty or a relic from the Cultural Revolution, Cat Street has it in store for you. If you’re having a hard time finding where Cat Street is, try using Upper Lascar Row instead.

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