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How Do You Know If Your Hotel Room is Actually Clean?

Fri, Jun 17, 2011

Hotel Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you have had a look at the brochure, or looked at the pictures on your choice of hotel’s website, you will never really know how clean it will be until you arrive. From someone who has stayed in many a hotel, and knows the difference between what the difference professional commercial cleaning services will do for a room, here is my guide to finding out if the hotel is keeping the standards you need and expect.

  • Check User Reviews. There is nothing like getting the advice from other travelers. Any of us who travel a lot, will turn to these sites to get the low down on what any place is really like. Good travel sites will mean you need to be a member to comment on any of the hotels and paid accommodation listings. You can check the credibility of these users by taking a look at their profile. We all need to be careful with disinformation when reading so-called user reviews. Many companies will fill them in themselves, or get others to do it for them. If the user reviews are just too good, or the profile is a little dubious, it is doubtful the review is real. Real users who use these sites will normally have commented on more than one location in one city.
  • Ask the Hotel. Asking the hotel may seem a little extreme, but there are ways of doing this discretely. The better hotels will have a commercial cleaning solution that includes an environmentally friendly approach. Marketing the fact they use organic products or services, is big on the list of many hotels. They will not be surprised if you contact about their cleaning regime and what environmentally friendly practices they use. Most hotels will be happy to explain what systems they have in place for keeping their rooms clean. If you cannot get a clear answer, you know they are probably not doing a good job.
  • Room Inspection. As you check-in, you can always ask the front desk to check the room before you pay. They may have your booking fee, and this will put you in a better situation, even if you have found the room not to be as clean as you expected. If you think they cannot clean the room after your inspection, it will be a good argument for getting your booking fee back. You can always threaten them with writing an online user review. The more reviews you write, the more you will be believed, and there is nothing they can do about it. Remember to check underneath cushions or under chairs, because if a room is being cleaned with the professional standards you expect, there will be no sign of debris.
    There is no excuse for poor cleanliness. You could be risking your health or a lot more by sleeping in a room that is not sanitized. Demand the best or move on.

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