How to Avoid and Save on Hotel Telephone Bills?

Wed, Aug 4, 2010

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Making telephone calls to numbers outside the hotel from the room phone can be expensive. The bill will add up to the hotel bill that you are going to pay once you checked out. This charge may vary in different hotels when you make calls to a toll-free number or local calls. The most common fee is $1.50 per call with additional per minute fees.

To avoid additional charges on your hotel bills, there are some things that you need to do and consider before making calls using the hotel telephone. You can choose from a list of calling media according to what suits calling needs.

  1. Firstly, you need to go and ask the front desk. Inquire about the use of the hotel room telephone on the cost of each call and if they imposed taxes and additional charges. The rate per minute is a lot higher than using the regular phones at home. Toll-free call in some hotels are charged similar to the rates of the local calls. Long distance calls may involve charges including the per minute rate, connection charges and taxes depending on the origin of the call and its destination aside from the hotel surcharge.
  2. You may opt to use prepaid calling cards since the rates are a little cheaper and they can easily be acquired. Just be sure to check if these cards do contain hidden charges by reading what is written at the back before you make your purchase.
  3. Calling cards from your telephone company where you subscribe can also be used to make calls since their rates are also a bit lower compared to the hotel telephones. These may also contain hidden charges and the cost of making calls will be added to your home telephone bills.
  4. In some hotels, courtesy telephones are also available from the hotel lobby and these do not charge additional hotel room charges whenever you make calls to toll-free numbers or at long distances.
  5. Your mobile phone can surely help you avoid extra charges when making calls in hotel rooms. Roaming and long distances charges will only apply as per agreement with the services of the mobile phone provider.

In every medium of making calls, there are always some set backs like the hidden charges and fees. One will just have to be keen to know what are these additional costs that makes calling expensive.

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