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Here in Web-hotels we spend all day immersed in the world of travel… from hostels to Luxury Hotels around the world to the latest news and events and the most exciting travel trends, we’re at the heart of it all…

We don’t aim to offer you a variety in itinerary but also aim to provide you with a comprehensive choice of consolidators so that you can pick the best priced accommodation provider for the chosen property.

We currently offer about 35 top travel consolidators from the well known like hotels.com , expedia.com to less known like hotelplanner.com

We’ve launched a blog to provide information on specialty travel topics, local tips, cheap eats, free things to do, great festivals, helpful blogs, new hotels… That’s the kind of thing we’re surrounded by everyday – and the sort of advice that you guys need to make the most of your budget when you’re planning a trip, or on the road and traveling!

We also hope that through our blog we can hear your voice - We hope to offer you a platform where we can make your stay that much more enjoyable.