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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China with over 12 million residents the city is a compelling mix of old and new. At the centre of the city is Tiananmen Square surrounded by many monuments both from the past and the present. You can find many interesting historical buildings in this area of the city. The Great Wall originally built 2000 years ago as a military construction to avoid invasion is located just outside the city. However if you want to avoid the crowds it is advisable to travel a little further afield. Other places of interest include the Forbidden City, which houses the biggest and best preserved cluster of ancient buildings in China, the Summer Palace and Kunming Lake which takes up a large portion of the park. Also well worth a visit is the Temple of Heaven, the Lama or Tibetan Temple with its magnificent 18 metre statue of Buddha carved form a single sandalwood tree, the Ming Tombs and the Golden Cat, Beijing's premier dumpling restaurant.

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